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A new citizen has arrived - congratulations on the baby! Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences for mother and child. From the very beginning, the infant experiences love, warmth and security through the intimate contact. Breastfeeding offers the baby the most natural and healthiest form of nutrition, as all important nutrients and protective substances are contained in the mother's milk. Nature has made good provision for this, but nevertheless problems occasionally occur during breastfeeding, but these should not be a cause for concern. Breast pumps are ideal aids for the following difficulties: if you want to express some milk when your breasts are full and you find it difficult to do this by hand, if you have sensitive or sore nipples, if the milk-giving reflex needs to be prepared or if milk production needs to be stimulated because infantile sucking is not sufficient.

To pump out some milk from the overfull breast occasionally, the manually operated model you can buy from us is sufficient. If mother and child ever need more powerful support, we offer breast pumps for rent for a fee. Our electric intermittent breast pumps are the ideal aid for reduced or increased milk production, milk engorgement, sensitive or sore nipples and short-term separation of mother and child. They are ideal for use in the hospital, at home, on the road or at work. The sucking rhythm corresponds exactly to that of the baby. The adjustable suction strength also ensures gentle, effective pumping of breast milk. Our breast pumps meet the highest hygiene standards. Parts that come into contact with milk are autoclavable, dishwasher-safe and boilable. A doctor's prescription for the pumps or the necessary accessories is possible. Please discuss this possibility with your attending physician.

Inhalation devices

Respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis are on the rise around the world. Children are particularly affected. A tried-and-tested means of treating respiratory diseases is inhalation, which allows the drugs to act directly at the site of the disease. Today, modern electric inhalation devices are used for this purpose, which atomize medicines into a fine mist that is inhaled and reaches the respiratory tract directly. For children and babies, there are special attachments that allow the little ones to inhale even while they sleep. You can borrow these inhalation devices from our branch network for a fee. Of course, you can also buy these devices from us at favorable conditions.

Blood glucose meters

Older people in particular should check their blood glucose levels regularly. If elevated values (diabetes) have been detected more often, doctors will prescribe medication or insulin. Especially then, checking blood glucose levels several times a day using test strips and a blood glucose meter is urgently required. However, the costs for this are not always covered by health insurance.

We will be happy to show you current blood glucose meters and help you handle the easy-to-use devices. In addition, we will lend you these devices for a small fee. Of course, you can also buy a device from us that is tailored to your needs.

Blood pressure monitors

The risks of elevated blood pressure lie in the late effects such as heart and circulatory diseases, which can lead to stroke. For a small fee, we lend you blood pressure monitors and thus offer you the opportunity to check your blood pressure at home. In addition, you will receive a blood pressure passport to present to your doctor. Early detection and the introduction of countermeasures can minimize the risks to your own health. Of course, we also offer various devices for purchase.

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